Other Questions

Do you accept credit / debit card payments?

Yes, in fact all places must be paid for in full by debit or credit card at the time of making a booking.

What is the maximum number of players you can accept?

We currently have 24 lazertag guns but we only take bookings for a maximum of 20 players in any session. Please note that 9 of our guns are the heavier (4Kg) Predators, and 15 are the lighter (2.5Kg) P90s, so if you were to book for a group of more than 15 players, you would need to ensure that enough players were capable of carrying and using the heavier Predators (they can start to feel heavy when you have been running around with them for a while!).

Can you run games on a site other than your own (for example, my garden)?


We no longer offer any off-site sessions of outdoor lazertag on the “mainland”.  If you are willing to fund us travelling overseas though, we would certainly consider it ;-).

Doesn’t this kind of thing just encourage gun crime?

No, we definitely don’t believe this to be the case.

For many years now, people have been blaming different things for gun crime… “gangsta culture”, films, rap music, computer games, TV, etc. No doubt paintball, airsoft and lazertag have also been considered as causes of gun crime by some people.

The fact is that the there are two elements to gun crime; societal elements (poverty, prejudice against a particular group, etc) and people elements (mental illness, bad attitudes, etc). This means that there will always be a small minority of people who feel they have the justification and the right to use real weapons against another person, whether that weapon is a gun, a sword, a knife, a vehicle, or their fists and feet.

By strictly supervising our games, and by only allowing use of our “guns” in a disciplined and controlled environment, we believe that outdoor Lazertag will actually help to educate people about the dangers of guns, ultimately discouraging them from illegally using the real thing.

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