Safety Questions

Is there a minimum age limit for players?

We have recently increased our minimum age for outdoor lazertag players to 10+ years, as we were finding that younger layers often struggled with the weight of the lazertag guns, did not understand the missions, and did not have the maturity to not get upset if they lost a game!

This new minimum age limit of 10+ applies to all players, even those who might previously have played with us below this age. We know all children are different, but we do not make any exceptions to this rule.

Please do not draw a moustache on your 8 year old to try to “trick-us” into letting them play; we will ask for proof of age if we are in any doubt as to whether a player is aged under-10, and we may refuse to allow a player to participate (without refund) unless adequate proof of age is shown to us.

When you make a booking, it is your responsibility to ensure that all of the players in your group will be able to manage the weight of our lazertag guns (2.5kg – 4kg) for the entire duration of the session you have booked.  This means that the players must be able to easily manage the lazertag guns without dropping them.  The players must also be able to manage the weight of the lazertag guns without having to “heave” them around, as this has the potential to injure themselves and other players.

Does it hurt when you get shot?

Absolutely not. Because our lazertag guns fire invisible beams of harmless infrared, just like your television remote control would emit, you do not feel any pain when you are shot. Well, except perhaps to your ego!

Are all games supervised?

Yes, all games are carefully supervised by our marshals. All marshals are fully trained, experienced, and have undergone an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Will it damage my eye sight if I get shot in the eyes by the “lazers” from the lazertag guns?

No, absolutely not. Our lazertag guns do not actually fire “lazers”, but rather invisible infrared signals, just like a television remote control. The manufacturers of the infrared emitters used in the lazertag guns state that in recent safety studies carried out, eye injuries were found to be impossible. Infrared waves from our emitters are low frequency, long wave length, and low energy.

Please do NOT bring lazer pointers and similar devices to Covert Combat. They will not allow you to cheat in any way (as they would not be transmitting the coded signal which our lazertag guns produce), however many lazer pointers are not eye-safe and could therefore pose a hazard to other players.

Do I need to wear goggles or other protective clothing when playing?

Because our lazertag guns do not fire any projectiles, there is no need for players to wear any protective clothing.

What happens if it rains / snows, or if there are strong winds?

Outdoor Lazertag can be played in most weather, including light rain, snow and windy conditions. If inclement weather is suspected, we advise players to bring waterproof and/or warm clothing as appropriate (plus a change of clothing), as games will generally continue as normal. If adverse weather significantly decreases the amount of time you get to play for, partial or complete refunds would be given at the discretion of the duty manager. If we don’t feel that we can safely run your booking because of a weather-related problem, we will try to contact you in advance to let you know and to avoid you making a wasted journey, hence why we ask for a telephone number from you when you book.  Please note that we only consider refund requests if we are unable to run your booking; please remember that this is an outdoor activity, so you should not book if you would not be happy with the possibility of playing in the rain, wind, cold conditions, etc.

What happens if there is a thunder / lightning storm?

Game play would always be temporarily stopped in the event of thunder/lightning storm. If such weather significantly decreases the amount of time you get to play for, partial or complete refunds would be given at the discretion of the duty manager. If thunder/lightning is predicted and we don’t feel that we can safely run your booking, we will try to contact you in advance to avoid you making a wasted journey, hence why we ask for a telephone number from you when you book.

Can I wear open-toed shoes whilst playing?

Sandals may be making a fashion come-back, but unfortunately they are not suitable for use on the “battlefield”! All players must wear sensible shoes with enclosed toes.  High-heel shoes are also unsuitable.  We recommend you wear hiking boots or similar where possible, otherwise sensible footwear such as sturdy trainers would usually be OK.

Do I need to be fit and healthy to play outdoor Lazertag?

Game play can involve intense physical and mental exertion.

All players need a reasonable level of fitness, but you certainly don’t have to be an Olympic athlete to give it a go! Many of our less agile players can play an active role simply by finding a good “sniping” position and shooting at people from afar; remember, our “guns” have a range of around 130m (426.5ft)!

If you have a medical/mental condition or complaint which you think could endanger your life or wellbeing, or the life or wellbeing of any other participant (whether during or after participation in the game), you will need to obtain the permission of your doctor before taking part.

We also ask that you declare to us, in writing, details of any relevant medical information or history that may affect you as you play, or that may be needed in a medical emergency (e.g. details of insect sting allergies, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions, etc).

The safety and well-being of our players is our number-one priority.

Can people with disabilities/special needs participate?

We welcome participants with disabilities/special needs, and will always do our best to accommodate you. If you have a disability, we would politely request that you contact us to discuss this prior to booking so that we can consider what we can do to make your visit as enjoyable as possible, and to ensure that we have adequate staffing levels to ensure the safety of yourself and all other players.

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