Technical Questions

The activity is called “Lazertag”… are there any actual lazers used?

There are no actual lazers used, the term “lazer” is used merely as a marketing term to make clear that the “guns” don’t fire projectiles of any sort. The “guns” actually fire harmless infrared signals, just like a television remote control. Our lazertag guns are 100% eye-safe.

How do I know when I have been “shot” by another player?

When you are shot by another player, your lazertag gun will make an audible “ouch” sound. The LCD display of your lazertag gun will temporarily display the word “ouch”, and your health reading will also decrease (the amount it decreases by will depend upon what kind of weapon you were shot with, i.e. a machine gun would do more damage than a pistol). If another player gets very close to hitting you with a shot, but is slightly inaccurate, your lazertag gun will make a “peeaoow” sound, like a bullet ricocheting… this is a hint to either get your head down, or to “run for it”!

How do I know when I have “shot another player”?

When you successfully shoot another player, you will be able to hear their lazertag make an audible “ouch” sound if you are close enough. You will also see the hyper-bright LEDS, in the sensors on their head, momentarily flash.

How do I know when I am dead?

When you are “killed” by another player, your lazertag gun will make an audible “screaming” sound! At this point, the LCD screen on your lazertag gun will display the word “dead”, and you will be unable to shoot any more.

How do I know when I have killed another player?

When you successfully kill another player, you will be able to hear their lazertag gun make an audible “screaming” sound if you are close enough. You will also see the hyper-bright LEDS, in the sensors on their head, illuminate and remain illuminated.

Where is the actual barrel on the lazertag guns?

The actual barrel on the lazerag guns is the tube with the lens in it; the infrared signals are fired from just behind this lens. It is essential that this part of the gun is not obscured when you are shooting, even if you can see your opponent through the scope on your gun.

Can my lazertag gun run out of ammo?

Yes, just as with a real gun! Each lazertag gun holds a different amount of rounds (ammo) and, every time you shoot, this will decrease. Whenever you are getting low on ammo, you may push the reload button on your gun to simulate the changing of the gun’s clip (magazine). When you have used all of your rounds (ammo) and clips (magazines), you are unable to shoot any more, and become what is technically known as a “sitting duck”!  For most games, we give you plenty of reloads, so don’t worry about running out entirely!

Can I be shot whilst I am reloading?

Absolutely, so take care with choosing when to press the reload button! Depending upon the type of gun you are using, reloading takes anywhere from 5-12 seconds.  Also, if you get shot whilst you are reloading, your reload is paused for 3 seconds.  If you keep getting shot while you are reloading, you might never finish reloading before you are killed, so think carefully and choose your time/location well before you press that reload button!

Can I shoot through trees / vehicles / barriers / etc?

Anything that blocks the line of sight will block the infrared beam of your lazertag gun, therefore you will not be able to shoot through it. With this in mind, you cannot shoot through tree trunks, vehicles (though you might be able to shoot through vehicle windows) or other solid objects. Leaves, on the other hand, only provide partial cover; the easier it is to see through the leaves, the easier it is to hit somebody stood amongst them.

Do I have to wear a hat? They mess up my hair!

All players must wear a hat during game play. Stitched onto the hats are small pieces of Velcro, and this is used to attach the gun’s sensors to you. In our tests, 99.9% of people preferred to wear a hat, rather than have their sensors super-glued to their heads! If there is a genuine reason why you cannot wear a hat, please speak to us about other alternatives.

Is your equipment waterproof?

Our equipment is weather-resistant, however like most electronic equipment it cannot easily be made totally waterproof. In the event of extremely heavy and/or persistent rain, we might not be able to run your booking at the date/time you have booked. Should this be the case, we will offer you the option either to move your booking to another time/date, or to receive a full refund of any money already paid to us. In the event that we suspect we may have to postpone/cancel your booking due to inclement weather, we will try to contact you in advance to let you know and to save you making a wasted journey, hence why we ask for a telephone number from you when you book.

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